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Foerster Instruments, Inc.

Non-destructive testing devices

FOERSTER test equipment
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Standardized hardware and software for all FOERSTER test equipment of the DS family simplifies the handling Easy operation using modern touchscreen display Network integration in existing production and quality systems Relational database for high data integrity and open interface to other...
Group: Instruments for ultrasonic nondestructive testing
CIRCOSON WT Ro 180 leaflet
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Wall thickness measurement of seamless tubesTest material diameter from 20 - 180 mmSpecial versions are available for dimensions larger than 180 mmThe EMAT technology (Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer) makes a dry measurement possible and dispenses with water as coupling element
Group: Devices of the technological control radioisotope
DEFECTOVISION test electronics
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Operator and camera computers in a lockable cabinet housing with integrated climate control unit and uninterruptable power supply Online storage of infrared data for "What-If-Analysis" Network integration in existing production and quality systems Relational database for high data integrity and...
Group: Nondectructive testing instruments
Defectomat CI
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Use of commercially available PCs for displaying the signal The base model contains all necessary functions to cover the most common application areas Options expand the scope of functions for special applications and increase the operating convenience The multi-line capability makes possible the...
Group: Devices of not destroying control and diagnostics
DEFECTOMAT sensor system Small dimensions
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Testing of light bulb filament made of tungsten and molybdenum and austenitic materialTest material diameter from 0.1 - 2 mmFine grading of test coils available for optimum test resultCompact dimensions make possible the installation in a rewinding line or directly in the drawing line
Group: Detectors, electric phase-sensitive


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